welcome to the home of a.k.a. laser bunny

a.k.a laser bunny is a progressive acoustic trio founded in 2004 in Crested Butte, Colorado. Our band members spend most of their time scattered between Colorado and California, but we try to get together and play from time to time. Our sounds come from wooden boxes with strings attached to them.

a successful reunion

Thanks to all who made the Colorado boys' week at the beach in San Diego a success. We had tons of fun hanging out together again, recording a bunch of old and new songs, and performing for everyone on Friday night.

Outstanding fiddler Nate Lee is the latest addition to our circle of collaborators. During our March 08 "Gimlet Sessions" he jumped right in and got to doing things "bunny style": we can't wait to share our new recordings that include his playing.

Keep checking this site, we'll post mixed and edited versions of the new songs we recorded as we get them polished.
progressive wood-tone music
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